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Editorial Writing 

As a published writer I have contributed to publications such as Selvedge Magazine and Embroidery Magazine. I specialise in editorial journalism for textiles, slow fashion, heritage craft and nature-based craft practices.

Please read a sample of my writing here

For all writing enquiries please contact me at

P U B L I S H E D   T E X T 


P R I N T 

JULY 2024 | Wrapped Up (Adeline Andre) | Selvedge Magazine | Issue 119: Savoir Faire


JULY 2024 | In Seasons (Mila Burcikova) | Selvedge Magazine | Issue 119: Savoir Faire


MARCH 2024 | Irresistible (Resist dyeing around the world) | Selvedge Magazine | Issue 117: Irresistible 

SEPTEMBER 2023 | The Anthropological Dress (Supernaturae) | Selvedge Magazine | Issue 114: Regeneration 

JANUARY 2023 |  Blueprint: Lace that Lasts a Lifetime | Selvedge Magazine | Issue 111: To Dye For

O N L I N E 


SEPTEMBER 2023  |  Jonathan Baldock: Touch Wood |  Read here

JULY 2023  |  The Healing Lace |  Read here


MAY 2023  |  L O N D O N  C R A F T  W E E K  S E R I E S | 

                              Tatreez Collective

                            'Memory Garden'  Cecilia Charlton

                            'Rooted'  Zena Holloway & De le Cuona

                            'Mind Hand and Time'  Dahye Jeong

                            Quilts - A Material Culture

                            Material Beings



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