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A R T I S T 

A collaboration with Earth. 

Drawing upon the natural rhythms of the Earth as a guiding light; working with living materials I have homegrown, locally foraged and collected over time. From the act of growing, through to the process of making I am present, I am patient and I am evolving.

Through embodied performance and artistic image creation, the cloth allows me to personally understand and universally express dialogues of healing.

Much like making, healing too is a slow and patient act. My work honours both time and craft that transcends textiles. Displaying the healing of our Earth, and repairing the damage we have inflicted, will, too take time, presence and patience.


The following works form Katerina's MA collection:

'My Material Memoir: Hands Can Heal - Cloth Can Care' 


R C A    2 0 2 3  

Truman Brewery Shoreditch, July 2023



T h e 

H E A L I N G   L A C E  

Needle lace of homegrown lavender and snow in summer.

Hand threaded on silk and linen.


The Healing Lace  Katerina Knight Ruby Pluhar.jpeg
The Healing Lace Katerina Knight Ruby Pluhar B&W.jpeg

Photo: Ruby Pluhar

Over 250 hours of hand threading, this fragile structure.

Yet is supports are strong. 

And I am reminded of my strength too. 

 Seeds of lavender were sown in April 2021, harvested in August

and threaded in May 2023. 

Immersed in the medicinal air of lavender, 

I remember the tiny seed that once sat in the palm of my hand.

And slowly the cloth grew. 

Now, as I sow seeds of lavender for this years harvest,

I am reminded that everything in life is cyclical. 

I will continue to grow, continue to heal.

T h e 

D E P A R T I N G  D R E S S   

Silk organza hand dyed with locally forgaed blackberries.

Hand embroidered with dried flora.


Katerina Knight The Departing Dresss.jpg
The Departing Dress Katerina Knight Ruby Pluhar.jpg

Photo: Ruby Pluhar

T h e 

S P I R I T  S I L K S 

Dried preserved flora hand embroidered onto naturally

dyed silk organzas. 


The Spirit Shawl with body Katerina Knight Ruby Pluhar.jpg
The Spirit Shawl Katerina Knight Ruby Pluhar detal.jpg

Photo: Ruby Pluhar

The Spirit Shawl Katerina Knight Ruby Pluhar .jpeg

Photo: Ruby Pluhar

T h e 

C O N F E S S I O N   C U R T A I N

Dried preserved flora hand embroidered onto naturally

dyed hibiscus silk organza. 


T h e 

L I V I N G   M A T E R I A L S 

All materials sustainably sourced- homegrown on my allotment, 

locally foraged or collected over time.  


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