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M A K E R 

One-of-a-kind textile garments accessories and objects.

Custom made to order by hand, using slow sustainable processes. layering techniques of natural dye
, hand embroidery and needle lace. 

Each piece is an individual artefact of craft.

Examples of works can be seen below.
Please get in touch to discuss a personal commission. 


The Departing Dress Katerina sat stitching.jpeg
Katerina Knight knot top natural dye silk

T h e 

K n o t  T o p 

Hand-knotted and threaded with silk and handmade flowers.




Deatils of knot top natually dyed silk

T h e 

R o s e  C a p 

Silk hat embellished with handmade rose corsages, complete with a hand-embroidered neck tie.  


Black Bean - Tea

Rose cap natural dyed silk handmade
Rose cap natural dyed silk handmade

T h e 

V e i l  of  N a t u r e

Layers of silk organza, habotai and chiffon, embellished with a band of handmade corsage flowers. Complete with a hand embroidered train of silk thread flora. An organza bow secures the veil to its wearer,


Rosemary - Avocado

veil natural dyed silk handmade
Veil natural dyed silk handmade

T h e 

C o n f e t t i  C o l l a g e  C u s h i o n ​

Small silk squares are hand dyed then individually hand stitched to form confetti appliqué flowers. Complete with ribbon silk couched stems and hand cut leaves. Stitched onto an antique linen cloth.

 dyes are seasonal combinations 

Blackberry - Pine - Tea​                 Avocado - Marigold

handmade cushion natural dye blackberry pine and tea
handmade cushion natural dye avocado marigold
handmade cushion

T h e 

C o r s a g e  C o l l a g e  C u s h i o n ​

Corsage handmade flowers in a mix of linen, cotton and velvet. complete with hand embroidery and a wool ruffle trim. 

Black wool  -  Pink Velvet

handmade cushion on black wool
handmade cushion on pink velvet
handmade cushion on pink velvet

T h e 

R o s e  C h a i n​

Hand chained necklace made from rose fibre. 


Rosemary - Pine

handmade rose flower chain with silk tie

T h e 

L i n e n  K n o t  S e t ​

Linen yarn hand- knotted necklace with plaited linen tie, complete with matching earrings. 

handmade linen necklace and earrings

T h e 

L a c e   C o l l a r​

Antique Lace cloth hand dyed and screen printed, complete with hand embroidery and a lace tie.​

lace collar
lace collar

T h e 

U n d e r w e a r  S e t​

Hand Printed Tulle bralette and pants with pink velvet trim. ​

silk printed underwear
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